Utopia Landscape Design Brisbane Landscaping Ideas


Outdoor Rooms

Bring the indoors out. Or vice-versa. It's all about making the transition right and setting you at ease.

Landscape Lighting

Extend the hours you can enjoy outdoors or create dramatic features out of the dark.

Plants & Gardens

Plants ideally suited to south-east QLD climate. Bring any area to life with well designed gardens.

Retaining and Screening

A purely functional structure can also be interesting, even beautiful.

Pools, Spas & Water

Pools are often central to their surrounds. A dominant feature of most landscape designs.

Decks, Tiles & Surfaces

From natural stone tiling to warm timber decking. The surfaces that invite you on.


Add a unique and interesting touch to your landscape. A talking point, or a masterpiece.


Courtyards are versatile spaces. Designed for aesthetic value only, or for a practical purpose.


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