Complete Landscaping Service

Utopia provides you with a complete landscape design and consulting service in the greater Brisbane area. Our design process prioritises functionality and aesthetics. We identify your specific requirements and determine the most effective approach to achieve the desired outcome for your landscape project. Utopia's experience and creativity is the key to producing a unique, low maintenance, stylish and most importantly, functional landscape for your home.

Landscape Design Process


Step 1

  • Introduction and initial DESIGN CONSULTATION, on site, to ascertain the scope of your project, provide DESIGN IDEAS, detailed advice and problem solving.
  • Provide a written design summary and landscape design fee proposal.

Brisbane Landscaping

With 28 years of  Brisbane knowledge and experience in landscape design and construction, Utopia can ensure a smooth ride on your landscaping journey.

Our comprehensive list of Brisbane trade and industry contacts will provide the quality services, plants and materials (Local Brisbane suppliers) that your landscape project deserves. From home landscaping and swimming pools to a rooftop gardens and courtyards, you can rest assured the final product will exceed your expectations.

Utopia Director, Aaron Worth, will be with you all the way, identify cost savings and ensuring efficient planning to deliver an easy and pleasant experience for you.


Are you just looking for design ideas? Trying to decide whether the landscape project will achieve the right outcome for you? Wanting to know what is possible? Wouldn't it be nice to have an experienced, creative landscape professional at you fingertips? Utopia's no obligation, on site Brisbane consultation service will set your mind at ease with an honest appraisal, information and advice to help you decide whether the project is right for YOU.


For those in Brisbane who are confident in their own gardening and landscaping abilities, a fully detailed and scaled landscape design, as detailed above, will allow you to complete your Brisbane garden or landscape over a period of time, with a consistent result at the end.

Whether it's a one hour consultation in Brisbane,  a landscape design for a family home or a million dollar make-over, Utopia would be delighted assist you.