Home Landscaping Advice & Ideas

Brisbane has emerged from the shadow of Sydney and Melbourne as a home landscaping Mecca. Many home owners know of the obvious year round benefits of outdoor living in Brisbane's sub-tropical climate; now well designed home landscaping can offer the best use of the this climate.

The benefits for your Brisbane plants and gardens:

  • Brisbane's sub-tropical climate supports a wide variety of plant species allowing you so much choice of garden style.
  • Brisbane's has a longer active growing period.
  • Landscaping in Brisbane's can be carried out all year round.

The benefits for your Brisbane outdoor living and entertaining:

  • Brisbane's glorious extended summer allows ample time to enjoy the pool and surrounds.
  • Brisbane's mild winters encourage outdoor home entertaining and spilling out into gardens and courtyards.
  • Brisbane's limited persistent rainfall doesn't inhibit outdoor home activity.
  • Outdoor cooking and dining has become a mainstay in the Brisbane climate.

Brisbane has a perfect climate and home owners know there's a shift to extend the home's living space outdoors. Be it a simple garden with a paved courtyard or a lavishly landscaped piece of paradise.

Fuelled by home lifestyle programs such as Brisbane Extra, Homes & Garden, and Back Yard Blitz, and with easy access to landscaping designers, contractors and materials, this outdoor phenomena is easy to achieve, no matter what the desire.

The home landscaping industry in Brisbane has become highly professional in both product and service and Brisbane homes are being transformed to capture all of what a great landscaping project can offer.

Reduced rainfall is bitter-sweet for Brisbane home owners. It is great for outdoor home activity however restrictive in a landscaping sense. Savvy landscaping designers, along with a widespread change in public thinking, are creating beautiful and functional home landscapes which are now more sustainable.

Supporting industries are contributing as well, with better, more efficient technologies, stronger plant and turf varieties and the like. More original use of old fashioned but hardy plant varieties is also a modern trend in Brisbane home landscaping.

Residential landscaping for the Brisbane home requires so many aspects to be considered to ensure a quality, long lasting landscape. Here's a list of the basics for your home:

  • paving
  • retaining
  • planting
  • concreting
  • swimming pool construction
  • fencing
  • turf and planting
  • gardens
  • pavilions, gazebos and other outdoor structures
  • irrigation
  • water features
  • landscape art and furniture
  • decks
  • pools surrounds
  • courtyards
  • screens and dividers
  • garden lighting and automation
  • water tanks
  • drainage

Top 10 Reasons For Brisbane Home Landscaping Design Services

  1. Correct planning and assessment saves time and money.
  2. A designer will produce a distinctive and stylish landscape
  3. Comprehensive drawings and documentation for your landscaping project in Brisbane
  4. Produce coordinated and practical designs with appropriate plant selection
  5. Client - designer interaction throughout the design process allows the exchange of ideas
  6. Environmentally sensitive and pleasing designs for the Brisbane climate
  7. A designer is up to date with the latest trends and influences.
  8. Designers comply with a professional code of conduct
  9. Professional designers are committed to high standards with ongoing self education
  10. A designer is knowledgeable about plants, materials and best methods of construction suited to the Brisbane climate