Utopia Landscape Design Specialities

Garden Rooms

garden room design

One of the most useful aspects of landscaping today is the garden room. A garden room is much like a room in the home which has a particular look, theme or purpose. Garden rooms can be for entertaining, relaxing, cooling off, to make a statement or impression or for utility purposes. Tailoring the function, layout or style of each room makes it more enjoyable to use and like your home, enables you to incorporate different styles if desired. Each garden room can be as formal or relaxed as you like, why not a tropical rain-forest pool surround a French provincial courtyard or a Spanish villa?


At Utopia Landscape Design, creating new courtyards or revitalizing established ones, is our specialty. No matter how small, an amazing amount of detail and interest can be incorporated into a courtyard. From architectural structures and features, exotic tiling and wall treatments, to water features and beautiful gardens, a courtyard can be all things to the senses. If you are looking for some privacy, wanting that relaxing space to read the paper or enjoy a glass of wine, a well designed courtyard can be a world in its own.

Pool and spa areas

courtyard design

Pool and spa areas can be a haven from the summer heat or a relaxing escape and whether you are thinking about one, in the process of building a pool or your existing pool area needs a lift, it is a garden room that is often a hive of activity. Pool or spa areas provide a great opportunity to explore different themes not to mention to accommodate the barbeque and some much needed shade.

Entry Statements

Whether it is for you to come home to each night or to welcome guests, a well planned, imaginative and impressive entry is always a great touch to your home. Be it traditional or in step with the latest trends, an entry is also a form of expression. If an obvious access to the front door is missing or you have an awkward site, a change to your current entry might be the order of the day. First impressions are lasting impressions.

Rooftops & Balconies

With apartment living on the rise, making what has always been an uninviting tiled area more inviting is also now a priority. Whether it be a functional improvement such as outdoor seating or dining or adding greenery and architectural interest, so much can be done to improve your balcony or rooftop area.