Rust in Style

Corten is a striking and extremely useful material to consider using in your next landscaping or outdoor project. Originally used in the construction of shipping containers, its chemical makeup is such that it appears like ordinary mild steel when new but within a few weeks develops a beautiful deep rust like patina. This patina then provides a protective coating so cortex will not perforate like mild steel does when it actually rusts.

Corten can been used in a vast array of applications such as the laser cut Lightbox or raised garden edging you see here, wall panels and plates, planter boxes and as large architectural structures as seen around the world, just to name a few. It can also be welded. Corten will leach on to decorative surfaces when water runs off it so ensure that this is considered in your design application. Placing it over a garden bed or decorative pebbles rather than tiles is one suggestion. Sealers such as penetrol can be applied to stop or at least minimise this affect. So what are you waiting for? Where can you use corten at your place!

Corten Edging