Landscaping Tips

planting tree

Planting a tree

Choosing a tree carefully and planting it correctly will help to ensure that it has a long, healthy life in whatever role it plays in your garden.

Waterwise Tips

As responsible gardeners and home owners, what can we to conserve water or take full advantage of the water we do use in the garden ? The following list is a good start.

Sustainable Gardeining

Sustainable landscaping and gardening for the environmentally conscious.

Before You Begin Landscaping

Before you begin. Important things to consider before initiating any landscaping project. Write up a simple checklist to realise your landscape projects potential.  

Soil and Compost

There is more to soil than meets the eye, the things you need to know about soil and compost.

Mulching Your Garden

Mulching is one of the most important components in the establishment and maintenance of a garden. Download this pdf to find out how good mulch leads to a great garden.