Author: Aaron

Perfect for Pots – Giant Bromeliad

Perfect for Pots – Giant BromeliadIf your looking for a tough, yet majestic plant that can withstand the isolation that we condemn them to – pots, then look no further than Giant Bromeliad (Alcantarea imperialis).Alcantarea imperialisThere are around 16 species of Alcantarea, two of our favourites are Alcantarea imperialis “Silver Plum” with its silver frosted […]

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Rust in Style

Rust in StyleCorten is a striking and extremely useful material to consider using in your next landscaping or outdoor project. Originally used in the construction of shipping containers, its chemical makeup is such that it appears like ordinary mild steel when new but within a few weeks develops a beautiful deep rust like patina. This […]

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Silver Falls

Dichondra argentea “Silver Falls” Dichondra Silver Falls (Dichondra argentea) is an attractive and versatile plant with eye catching silver green foliage. An extremely versatile and vigorous plant, it can be used as a trailing feature which cascades from pots, hanging baskets, planters and retaining walls or as a dense ground cover planting. Photo: Outside pride […]

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